Netgem TV includes more channels and games

NetgemTV offered by broadband providers such as TalkTalk, Community Fibre and Wightfibre and will include 15 additional channels and 10 games for free.

Netgem TV

They are as follows:

906 – Horizon
907 – Deal or no Deal US
964 – Survivor
952 – PBS America
913 – Great! Christmas
914 – Great! Movies
971 – Pop Kids
968 – DuckTV
944 – 5-Minute Crafts
935 – 123 GO!
970 – Slick Slime Sam
936 – AWE Encore
972 – Brat TV
974 – Da Vinci
969 – Tayo+

Broadband and TV customers of these providers can easily add the extra content to their streaming service at no extra cost, as users typically receive them with their broadband subscription.

Additionally, 10 new games have recently been added to NetgemTV — totaling to 30 video games within the service.

Netgem TV has reportedly partnered with entertainment providers like Banijay and Narrative Entertainment to offer more content, including channels like Great!Christmas and PBS America.

Plus, Netgem TV has partnered with Lime Deal Or No Deal US, PBS America, and POP Kids for more documentaries and kids channels.


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