Sky TV releases new firmware update for Sky Glass TV

A new firmware update, QS013, was recently released by Sky TV on their Sky Glass TV. The update enhances the display and  the image’s quality by adding a feature – local dimming in the display’s area. 

Sky Glass TV

The firmware reportedly reduces some of the image issues associated with 4K UltraHD content. It also enhances the “Vivid Mode” setting in the menu by increasing the color and contrast, this results in more vibrant videos.

A LED television with local dimming can reduce the brightness of backlight zones in order to improve the contrast ratio in dark scenes. This results in improved image quality and typically superior black levels on Sky Glass TV which comes with  Quantum Dot QLED 4K and HDR features.

For watching Sky Stream, you can buy Sky Glass TV or a 4K enabled OLED TV.

What is Sky Glass TV and Sky Stream?

To watch TV channels and videos on Sky Glass TV, a broadband internet connection is necessary. A satellite dish and set top box aren’t needed.

Sky Glass TV requires a speed of at least 10Mbps. To stream 4K HD video without buffering, a connection speed of at least 25Mbps is required.

Sky Stream is Sky TV subscription for watching Sky TV via WiFi. You can watch Netflix and Sky TV through Sky Puck when you connect it to Glass TV or a compatible TV.

Subscribers to the Sky Stream service have one month or 18-month plans available.


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