italk broadband

italk Broadband is a small broadband provider offering ADSL and superfast fibre optic broadband services using the Openreach network.

The provider ranks highly in Trustpilot reviews for its UK customer support. There are no price increases during the contract period.

italk broadband


  • italk broadband comes with unlimited broadband usage (fair usage applies)
  • Basic, single band, 802.11n ZyXEL router is included.
  • Pay As You Go calls included.
  • 24 month contract applies.


TalkTalk Telecom has three different plans to choose from. Its fibre plans are ideal for households with multiple users.

The most basic broadband (ADSL) is suitable for light usage, the fastest package is great for HD streaming and online gaming. The mid-range option is suitable for two individuals to stream or play online games.

Plan  Speed (D/U)
Simply Broadband 10Mbps
/ 1Mbps
Fast Fibre 35Mbps
/ 9Mbps
Superfast Fibre 63Mbps
/ 18Mbps


italk broadband customers get a basic router with following features:

  • Model: ZYXEL (VMG1312-T20b)
  • 802.11n WiFi standard
  • Single band (2.4Ghz)
  • Speed: 300Mbps
  • 2 antennas

The iTalk router lacks advanced features like 802.11ac Wi-Fi or dual bands. The single band and the absence of gigabit connections make it very basic in terms of performance.

Home phone

italk customers can make PAYG calls, however, they can add following call plans if needed:

  • Evening & weekend calls
  • Anytime calls
  • International calls

Latest deals

Simply Broadband – £21.99
Avg. Speed: 10Mbps

Fast Fibre – £30.49
Avg. Speed: 35Mbps

Superfast Fibre – £35.49
Avg. Speed: 63Mbps

Full Fibre 50 – £29.99
Avg. Speed: 40Mbps

Full Fibre 100 – £35.99
Avg. Speed: 80Mbps

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