Which is better broadband, Hyperoptic or Virgin Media?

Virgin Media and Hyperoptic are top providers in the UK when it comes to ultrafast broadband services. They offer a broad range of broadband packages with lightning speeds and great features.

Hyperoptic broadband

How do they compare in terms of coverage, speeds, reliability and value for money? Let’s go into details.

Network coverage

Both Virgin Media and Hyperoptic are not Openreach based broadband providers. Instead, they own their networks which indeed differ by technologies.

Hyperoptic is full fibre broadband (fibre to the premises) which takes the fibre cable directly from the exchange to the user end. This helps Hyperoptic deliver symmetric download and upload speeds which means upload speeds are the same as download speeds.

Virgin Media, however, uses cable based, DOCSIS 3.1 technology which can deliver gigabit download speeds like Hyperoptic but not faster upload speeds. However, Virgin Media has revealed its plans to upgrade its entire cable network to full fibre in the next five years.

When it comes to coverage, Virgin Media can reach around 15 million UK homes, while Hyperoptic gigabit broadband has a coverage of just 500k UK homes, mainly in big cities and homes.

Speeds vs Cost

Here is the list of ultrafast plans offered by Virgin Media and Hyperoptic:

(download /upload)
Hyperoptic Superfast
(150Mbps / 150Mbps)
No phone line£22
Virgin Media M100
(108Mbps / 10Mbps)
No phone line £24
Virgin Media M200
(213Mbps / 20Mbps)
No phone line £28
Hyperoptic Ultrafast
(500Mbps / 500Mbps)
Virgin Media M500
(516Mbps / 41Mbps)
No phone line £36
Hyperoptic hyperfast
(900Mbps / 900Mbps)
Virgin Media Gig1
(1130Mbps / 41Mbps)
Includes weekend calls £64

While Hyperoptic plans offer faster upload speeds, they also come with cheaper monthly cost.

Broadband options

Both Virgin Media Hyperoptic offers broadband with or without landline service. Additionally, Virgin Media broadband comes with bundling options by adding TV and mobile SIM which are not available with Hyperoptic.

When it comes to contracts, Virgin Media plans come with standard 18 month contract and 1 month rolling contract.

However, Hyperoptic offers three types of contracts – 24 months, 12 months and 1 month. Customers usually save more by opting for longer contracts.


Hyperoptic broadband is a clear winner when it comes to speeds as Hyperoptic broadband plans come with great speeds in both the directions – download and upload.

Obviously, Hyperoptic broadband beats Virgin when it comes to pricing. In addition, its faster tier packages are available with free activation to help you save more.

Virgin Media, however, has an advantage over Hyperoptic – it’s ultra fast service is widely available and can also be bundled with other services like TV and mobile SIM.

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