Virgin Media M500 vs Gig1: Which is better option?

Our comparison guide will help you choose between Virgin Media M500 and Gig1 fibre broadband plans. We look at price, speed, extra features, and more to help you make the right choice.

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Overview of Virgin Media M500 and Gig1

Virgin Media M500 and Gig1 fibre broadband packages offer UK households two different speeds, but which should you choose? The M500 package comes with average download speeds of 516Mbps, compared to the Gig1 package’s 1Gbps speeds.

Additionally, the M500 package has an average upload speed of 36Mbps, while the Gig1 offers higher 52Mbps. Both packages come with unlimited data usage, excellent WiFi router and access to free extras such as WebSafe and Virgin Media public WiFi.

Speeds and Data usage

The main difference between the two packages is speed. The M500 averages 516Mbps, while Gig1 delivers an average download speed of 1Gbps, nearly double that. This means that with the faster Gig1 plan, you can download large files in seconds and enjoy smooth streaming and online gaming experiences with minimal lag!

  M500 Gig1
Average download speed 516Mbps 1130Mbps
Average upload speed 36Mbps 52Mbps
Minimum guaranteed download speed 258Mbps 565Mbps

In terms of upload speeds, the M500 delivers an average of 36Mbps compared to the Gig1’s 52Mbps. Both plans offer unlimited data usage, so you don’t have to worry about running out of data.

Virgin Media Hub 3 vs Hub 4

Virgin Media M500 Broadband customers get Hub 3, which is a old model compared to the Hub 4 included in Gig1 Broadband.

Virgin Media Hub 3 and Hub 4

Both Hub3 and Hub 4 are WiFi 5 routers (WiFi ac standard), but Hub 4 has powerful features, such as more WiFi channels and more antennas.

These additional features improve the performance of Hub 4 compared to Hub 3.

The Hub 4 also supports WiFi mesh networking, while the Hub does not. This means the Hub 4 allows you to effectively remove WiFi hotspots using a WiFi extender (WiFi pod).

Reliability and availability

Network coverage is an important factor to consider when choosing a broadband plan. Virgin Media’s M500 and Gig1 services are both delivered over the Docsis 3.1 fiber network, which has the same coverage across the UK (60% of the UK).

Both packages offer lightning fast speeds making them suitable for ultra HD streaming, gaming, web browsing, and fast downloads of large files. Both options are great for busy families looking for ultrafast connection speeds to connect 10+ devices.


Currently, Virgin Media Gig1 is one of the most expensive broadband plans, while M500 is cheaper and more affordable than Gig1 but the price difference is not huge.

In our opinion, you can make the right choice between the two based on your needs and budget.

Customer Service

Virgin Media customer support is available by phone, live chat and email. Customers can get technical advice from these sources.

Virgin Media also provides online forums and troubleshooting guides to help users find answers to questions and service-related questions.

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