Virgin Media M500 Fibre Broadband

Virgin Media M500 fibre broadband is an ultrafast package built for super busy homes with lots of devices.  It offers average download speed of 516 Mbits/s and 36 Mbits/s upload speeds.

Virgin Media M500 Broadband is available in a variety of options – Standalone (Broadband only), Broadband & Phone bundles and TV packages. M500 Volt Bundle includes O2’s mobile SIM and free upgrade to the next level broadband(Gig 1).


Network technology Hybrid Fibre Coax cable (DOCSIS 3.1)
Data usage Unlimited
Broadband with phone Landline / No phone line options
Home phone Includes Talk Weekends
Broadband with TV Available
Average download speed 516Mbps
Average upload speed 36Mbps
Router Virgin Media Hub 3
Mobile SIM Available
Free extras Parental controls, Virgin Media public WiFi
Contract length 18 months

Buying options

  • M500 broadband only is the cheapest option and costs less than other options.
  • M500 broadband and phone includes a landline for calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile numbers on weekends (Talk Weekend).
  • Bigger bundle is a comprehensive bundle of TV, broadband and phone. With M500, Talk Weekend and over 190 TV channels including BT Sport and Sky HD in 4K, you can also add Sky Sports and Sky Cinema as add-ons.
  • Bigger Volt bundle – This is a quad-play package that includes a 10GB O2 SIM alongside M500 broadband, free weekend UK calls and TV channels.

Virgin Media M500 speeds

Virgin Media M500 fibre broadband comes with an average download speed of 516Mbps and an average upload speed of 36Mbps. 

Expected speed range:

  • Download speed – 480Mbps – 543Mbps
  • Upload speed – 35Mbps – 37Mbps

Minimum guaranteed speed:

  • Download speed – 258Mbps

Virgin Media M500 offers truly ultrafast speeds which are ideal for:

  • Lighting fast downloads 
    A video of 5GB can be downloaded in less than a minute.
    50GB video game will need less than 15 minutes to download.
  • Streaming HD and 4K videos on several devices simultaneously (10+ devices).
  • Great for Online gaming (10+ devices at the same time) 

Is M500 broadband truly unlimited?

Virgin Media offers totally unlimited usage without any data caps. Speeds are not manually slowed down during peak times as no fair usage applies. That makes it an ideal package for 4K streaming for hours and unlimited downloads. 

Is Virgin Media M500 any good?

If you look out for a broadband package specifically for gaming and streaming, M500 is definitely the right plan for you. Its prices are competitive, when compared to ultrafast package from BT and Sky. Bundling options with TV can offer more value to your money. 

Over-all, Virgin Media is the fastest service and one of the most reliable broadband providers in the UK with great customer support.