Virgin Media M350 Fibre Broadband

Virgin Media M350 Broadband is one of the fastest fibre options for bandwidth-intensive activities like gaming. This ultra-fast fibre broadband plan is also the most reliable solution for watching 4K resolution video and connecting 10+ devices simultaneously.


Provider Virgin Media
Network technology Hybrid Fibre Coax cable (DOCSIS 3.1)
Data usage Unlimited
Broadband with phone Landline / No phone line options
Home phone Includes Talk Weekends
Broadband with TV Available
Average download speed 362Mbps
Average upload speed 36Mbps
Real-world speed
355.5Mbps (as per Ofcom report 2021)
Router Virgin Media Hub 3
TV box Virgin TV 360
(4K enabled, supports WiFi and mult-room TV)
Mobile SIM Available
Free extras Parental controls, Virgin Media public WiFi
Apps Connect App – For managing home Wi-Fi and Hub
Go App – For watching TV on mobile devices
Contract length 18 months

Virgin Media M350 broadband deals

In addition to broadband only plan, M350 Fibre Broadband Bundle gives you the option to include your home phone and TV in one product.

  • M350 broadband and phone includes Talk Weekend as standard. You can make unlimited calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile numbers on weekends. 
  • M350 broadband, phone and TV (Bigger bundle) includes Talk Weekend and Maxit TV pack (190+ channels). The bundle includes Virgin TV 360 box, 190+ TV channels, BT Sport 4K and Sky HD channels. 
  • Volt Fibre broadband and phone includes O2 5G 10GB data mobile SIM. M350 Volt bundle includes exclusive benefits such as free WiFi Pods, free EU roaming and perks & priority.


Virgin Media M350 fibre broadband offers an average download speed 362Mbps and an average upload speed of 36Mbps.

At this speed, you can download a 10GB video in 3.5 minutes, or a 50GB video game in 20 minutes. You can stream 4K video on more than 8 devices simultaneously or play high-bandwidth games on multiple devices.

Ofcom broadband survey 2021 revealed that Virgin Media M350 fibre connections delivered an average download speed of 354Mbps to the customers during peak time (8 – 10pm). 

Is 36Mbps upload speed any good?

Virgin Media M350 Fibre Broadband does not offer symmetrical upload speeds, but it offers faster upload speeds than TalkTalk Fibre 150 and BT Full Fibre 100, which average about 25Mbps.

  • 36Mbps+ upload speeds are more than enough for streaming and gaming. So with 36Mbps upload speeds, you can upload large files faster, stream 4K videos, make video calls and play online games on multiple devices (2-4).
  • More than 5 devices can connect to YouTube Live and Facebook Live simultaneously.
  • Connecting your device directly to the hub via cable (instead of WiFi) can significantly increase speed and reduce ping levels.

Virgin Media M200 vs M350 vs M500

Virgin Media offers four different speeds from 100Mbps to 500Mbps, and the M350 plan is somewhere in the middle when it comes to speed.

The difference between the M350 and the M250 (264Mbps) is just £4, and the M350 is significantly faster. You can get a similar speed boost (154Mbps) by opting for the M500 and paying just £4 more.

When do you need a speed upgrade?

If your speed is slowing down due to things like network congestion or connecting more devices, your current speed may not be enough. Slow speeds can also cause lag when playing online games and buffering when watching 4K video