Virgin Media M250 Fibre Broadband Review

With download speeds of 264 Mbps and upload speeds of 25 Mbps, Virgin Media M250 fibre broadband is perfect for households looking for fast and reliable internet speeds to stream HD content or use multiple connected devices simultaneously.

Virgin Media M250 broadband

Pros and Cons

Is M250 fibre broadband the best way to go? Let’s compare the pros and cons:


  • Truly unlimited and ultrafast
  • Available with calls, TV and no phone line option
  • Excellent WiFi with Hub 3
  • Great for gaming due to low latency levels


  • Not available in all places in the UK


Network technology Hybrid Fibre Coax cable (DOCSIS 3.1)
Data usage Unlimited
Broadband with phone Landline / No phone line options
Home phone Includes Talk Weekends
Broadband with TV Available
Average download speed 264Mbps (minimum guaranteed 132Mbps)
Average upload speed 25Mbps
Latency 15.5 m/s (as per Ofcom report 2021)
Real-world speed
202.6Mbps (as per Ofcom report 2021)
Router Virgin Media Hub 3
Mobile SIM Available
Free extras Parental controls, Virgin Media public WiFi
Contract length 18 months

Virgin Media M250 Broadband Deals

Virgin Media offers a variety of options – broadband only, broadband & phone and TV packages to help you find the best option suitable for your needs.

M250 broadband and phone bundle includes unlimited weekend calls.

Additionally, Virgin Media offers O2 SIM on M250 Volt bundle which includes10GB monthly data. It’s a bit expensive option although it offers some exclusive benefits.

Virgin Media 125 broadband compared to M250

Virgin Media M250 is 2x faster than the slower M125 broadband plan, which offers an average download speed of 132 Mbps. This makes M250 a better choice for busy families with more than 10 devices using the internet at the same time.

In addition, the higher bandwidth of M250 is more suitable for 4K streaming and online gaming. You can enjoy faster load times and smoother video streaming, with significantly improved latency.

How fast is M250?

The average download speed of M250 fibre broadband is 264Mbps, and the minimum guaranteed download speed is 132Mbps.

M250 is also faster when uploading files. You can upload large amounts of data in minutes at an average speed of 25 Mbps.

With such power and speed, you can easily keep up with your online activities.

  • 250Mbps+ speeds help you download a 5GB video in less than 2.5 minutes.
  • You can stream HD videos on several devices simultaneously (6 – 8 devices).
  • M250 speeds are great for online gaming (5+ devices at the same time) 

All Virgin Media broadband plans including M250, come with totally unlimited usage without any traffic management or any hidden data caps. Downloads are absolutely unmetered and speeds are not manually reduced by the operator at any time.

Virgin Media Hub 3 

Hub 3 can handle 500 Mb/s+ download speeds and comes with the new Intelligent WiFi technology which removes all the WiFi hotspots in your home. Connecting to Virgin Media Connect App, the router automatically fixes WiFi issues and optimises WiFi signal. 

Virgin Media Hub 3 and Hub 4

Hub 3 operates in two bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), in 802.11ac mode and comes with 4Gigabit connections and the latest security features.   

Weekend Chatter

Unlimited weekend calls are included with M250 broadband and phone package. Free voicemail is also included for no extra cost. 

No phone line option

M250 broadband only plan offers  you just internet access without home phone. 

Virgin Media 250 broadband with TV

Bigger TV bundle includes M250 broadband, unlimited weekend UK calls and 110 – 260 TV channels. Virgin TV provides the 360 TV box to watch the TV content in HD and ultra HD.

With more price discounts and single bill, you can get all the services at one place.

O2 Mobile SIM

 If you want to add mobile plan to broadband, you can opt for M250 Volt bundle which includes a 10GB O2 mobile SIM card.

One of the benefits of the Volt bundle is that during a total broadband outage, Volt customers get unlimited data included on their O2 SIM card.

In addition, M250 Volt bundle offers WiFi extenders known as WiFi pods to improve WiFi speeds in your home.

Is Virgin Media M250 any good and how does it compare?

Virgin Media M250 fibre broadband is an excellent choice for anyone looking for fast and reliable internet speeds. It offers significantly higher speeds than fibre packages such as TalkTalk Full Fibre 150 or BT Full Fibre 100 which offer an average download speed of 150Mbps.

The M250 plan is competitively priced, although providers like Hyperoptic and Community Fibre have cheaper plans for these speeds. However, M250 broadband is better than these options due to its better availability.

Virgin Media’s fibre optic broadband is currently available in 60% of the UK, while its rivals, including BT, can cover just 25% of the UK with their ultra-fast networks.