Virgin Media M125 Fibre Broadband

Want to know what it’s like to use Virgin Media’s M125 Fibre Broadband? This review gives you all the details on connection speeds, features, customer service, and more, so you can make an informed decision on whether this is the right internet package for you.

If you’re looking for an entry-level fibre package, Virgin Media M125 fibre broadband is your best bet for the faster speeds you need for popular online activities like 4K streaming and online gaming. It’s also reasonably priced, cheaper than similar plans offered by competitors.


Provider Virgin Media
Network technology Hybrid Fibre Coax cable (DOCSIS 3.1)
Data usage Unlimited
Broadband with phone Landline / No phone line options
Home phone Includes Talk Weekends
Broadband with TV Available
Average download speed 132Mbps
Average upload speed 20Mbps
Real-world speed
106.8Mbps (as per Ofcom report 2021)
Latency 15.8 m/s (as per Ofcom report 2021)
Router Virgin Media Hub 3
TV box Virgin TV 360
(4K enabled, supports WiFi and mult-room TV)
Mobile SIM Available
Free extras Parental controls, Virgin Media public WiFi
Apps Connect App – For managing home Wi-Fi and Hub
Go App – For watching TV on mobile devices
Contract length 18 months
Exclusive Offer £95 Amazon voucher

Virgin Media M125 Speed

Virgin Media M125 is an ultrafast fibre broadband plan which comes with 132 Mb/s average download speed and 20 Mb/s average upload speed.

This allows you to upload and download large amounts of data with ease. All of this is powered by the latest DOCSIS 3.1 technology and fibre optic cables known for their stability and reliability.

It should be noted that the previous M100 plan (108Mbps) had the speeds increased to M125 in November 2022, existing M100 customers were automatically upgraded to M125. Virgin Media increased both the average download speed and the upload speed in the new plan for free.

Virgin Media’s unlimited internet packages don’t have any limits on data or traffic management policies. This implies that users can browse, stream, play games or download content without worrying about data caps or slowdowns during peak hours.

A broadband connection with 132Mbps download speed is ideal for:

  • Very fast download
    5 GB video download in 5 minutes.
    A 50GB video game download takes less than an hour.
  • Stream HD and 4K video to multiple devices (3-4 devices) simultaneously.
  • Play online games on 2-3 devices at the same time.

What is included?

  • You can choose the plan with home phone or add Virgin TV package or go for M125 without phone line. 
  • The M125 with phone includes unlimited weekend calls (Weekend Chatter).
  • M125 Volt bundle includes O2 mobile SIM with 10GB data. 
  • Free QuickStart installation helps you setup broadband yourself in 4 days.
  • You can keep your existing telephone number after the switch.

Virgin Media M125 vs M250 vs M350 vs M500

 Virgin Media offers a few more ultrafast fibre plans along with M125. We have skipped M50 which offers average download speeds of 54 Mb/s. We have tabled below, the average speeds and monthly cost of these plans. Terms like 18 month contract and one-off setup fee apply to all the packages.

PlanAvg speed
Avg speed
M125 132 Mb/s 20 Mb/s
M250 264 Mb/s25 Mb/s
M350 362 Mb/s36 Mb/s
M500 516 Mb/s36 Mb/s
Gig1 1130 Mb/s52 Mb/s

How does M125 compare to similar plans from other providers?

Compared to similar plans from other ISPs, M125 Fibre Broadband is priced similarly or even cheaper, even though it offers about twice the download speed. This makes both Sky and BT plans more expensive than M125.

You can opt for cheaper Hyperoptic or Community Fiber plans as an alternative to the M125, but they’re not as widely available as Virgin Media.

Virgin Media Hub 3

Virgin Media M125 includes Hub 3 router with Intelligent WiFi technology that optimizes WiFi and automatically fixes WiFi issues in your home.

Virgin Media Hub 3 and Hub 4

Hub 3 (TG2492LG-VM) is designed to deliver ultrafast speeds to multiple devices at the same time. It’s one of the best fibre routers in the UK (dual band, 802.11ac, 4 Gigabit connections, 5 antennas) has excellent security features, but lacks some of the latest features offered by the newer Hub 4 and Hub 5 .

It is basically a WiFi 5 router and does not use Wi-Fi 6, which is newer. However, the older WIFI 5 still provides great connectivity when you connect a few devices around your home.

WiFi Guarantee

Virgin Media offers Wi-Fi guarantee that promises strong WiFi signal in your home. This add-on comes with a minimum speed guarantee.

They offer up to three Wi-Fi boosters (mesh Wi-Fi pods) for an extra £8 per month. These boosters ensure you get at least 20Mbps in every room, or you get your £100 bill credit.

The Virgin Media Connect app now includes a new feature that can scan the strength of the WiFi throughout the entire residence. Users can control the connected devices and they can also disable WiFi access to specific devices.

Is Virgin Media M125 fibre broadband any good? 

M125 package is considered a lower-end package, but it provides reliable connection and offers exceptional value for money due to its high speeds and lots of options to customise the package. It’s definitely a super-value plan for a household with 2 – 4 users.


  • Virgin Media fibre broadband is the cheapest, widely available, ultrafast option with average download speed of 100Mbps+
  • The connection is reliable and consistent, so you don’t have to worry about buffering or lag times.
  • Broadband only option is cheaper and phone line is not required.
  • Additionally, the package includes free access to Virgin Media public Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK.


  • Installation of cable broadband is needed, if you migrate from Openreach. You need to plan ahead to make sure your broadband switchover is seamless.
  • It may be expensive when you add TV packages.
  • Customers often complain about Virgin’s poor customer service.


M125 Fibre Broadband is a viable option for those seeking speed, reliability and access to its extensive TV packages. However, its services aren’t available in every city or town.

Customer service also needs improvement, with complaints handling the worst of any major supplier, according to the latest Ofcom report.


Alternatives to consider include the budget ISPs such as Vodafone and TalkTalk, which offer fibre broadband packages with varying speeds and contract lengths. Additionally, they also offer discounts or incentives to save your money. Comparing these different options is a great way to get the best deal for your unique needs.

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What customers think

As a customer, I initially thought I was being scammed when I signed up for Virgin Media’s m125 fiber optic broadband. But after doing some research, I found out that I got a great package bundled with landline and TV for a reasonable price. Turns out I got what I paid for!  –William