Cancelling broadband contracts

Cancelling broadband contracts

A broadband contract is usually involved when you sign up with a broadband provider.

  • The broadband contract primarily states that you agree to stay with your broadband provider for a minimum contract length of 12 or 18 or 24 months as per the deal.
  • Remember, you also agree to pay early termination charges or exit fees when you cancel the contract before end of the minimum term. 

How to cancel broadband contract early without paying the exit fees?

You can cancel broadband contract early without penalty or cancellation charges, if 

  • the cooling off period (14 to 30 days depending on the provider) is not over.
  • you get slow speeds or speeds below the minimum guaranteed speed and the issues are not fixed  
  • your current provider unduly hikes monthly price during the contract term
  • you move home to areas where your current provider’s service is not available

How much it will cost to cancel broadband contract early?

When you cancel broadband contract early and have to pay cancellation charges, 

  • you need to pay a partial monthly fee for the remaining months in the minimum contract term.
  • you need to pay fees for equipment like router
  • you need to pay back the discounts 

Cancellation charges

  • BT –  82.5% of the remaining months on the contract.
  • Virgin Media – 80% of the remaining months on the contract.
  • Sky – 52% of the remaining months on the contract.
  • TalkTalk – 55% of the remaining months on the contract.

Note: The  cancellation charges may vary depending on individual customer. 

How to avoid or reduce broadband cancellation charges?

  • Check whether you are within the minimum term of the contract.
  • Read the fine print on the contract to find out the early termination fee.
  • Find out how much you need to pay to your current provider for exiting early.
  • You can reduce the cancellation charges, if only a few months are left in the contract.
  • Find out broadband deals from other providers that can give you credit for leaving your current provider early. 
  • You can also state a complaint against the provider for valid reasons and get out the service without exit fee.