Broadband for Gaming – Best Providers and Deals

Gaming broadband is a type of internet connection designed and optimised to meet the requirements for the modern games to run smoothly and provide the best gaming experience to the users.

For better gaming online, you need a reliable broadband connection which comes with fast download speeds & upload speeds and low latency & lag time.

Gaming broadband

Fibre optic broadband, especially, full fibre and symmetric connection offers ultrafast speeds and reduced internet lag and is ideal for playing multiplayer games online. 

What speeds do I need for gaming?

The speeds you need for playing games online depend up on the gaming device (whether it is PC or game console), number of devices connected at the same time and the minimum requirements of the game.

The minimum download speed for running modern games on PC or game console is usually around 10Mbps, however, 25Mbps or more can improve smoothness and gaming performance when playing in HD or higher resolution.

Minimum upload speed of 5Mbps – 10Mbps is good for gaming while 20Mbps+ upload speed is ideal for professional gaming. 

Game consoles like PS4/PS5, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch may come with different requirements of internet speeds, however, the difference is marginal, when compared to modern PCs.

How do latency, lag time and ping affect gaming?

Other than fast download and upload speed, you need to consider other factors such as low latency and reduced lag time when you are looking for the best broadband for gaming online.

Lag and latency

When you are playing real-time, multi-player games, you need lag-free internet connection for a great gaming experience.

Lag is the time difference between the gaming server and your gaming device. It becomes very noticeable when internet is not fast enough. Your broadband connection should have enough bandwidth and speed to reduce lag or delay between your action and the response from the server.

Low latency or fast response time between the server and your device is also important for a good gaming experience.


Latency level is usually expressed in ping rate such as 100 milliseconds. A low ping rate of 30ms or less is good for gaming.

Gaming broadband in the UK

If you are an avid gamer, it is recommended that you choose a fibre package which can offer 30Mbps+ speed which is required for online gaming. In an asymmetrical connection, 10Mbps upload speed is ideal for gaming. 

  • Choose the plan which comes with enough bandwidth and speed for all your needs, including gaming and streaming the games and graphics in HD and 4K.
  • Faster fibre packages such as ultrafast fibre broadband plans which offer 100Mbps – 500Mbps and gigabit speeds can provide guaranteed low latency levels and great gaming experience. 
  • Choose FTTP (fibre to the premises) or truly fibre broadband service which can offer faster upload speeds and lag-free internet as this network is fully fibre optic cable and does not use copper which increases latency. 

Gaming broadband providers

A few fibre broadband providers offer fibre packages which are suitable for gaming. They usually offer ultrafast plans with faster upload speeds, stable and reliable service and low latency levels. 

The top gaming broadband providers

  • Zen
  • Hyperoptic
  • BT
  • Sky 
  • EE

Other providers which can be considered for gaming:

  • Virgin media
  • TalkTalk

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